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Welcome to Year 4's Class Page

Class Teacher - Mrs Pearson (Full time) 

Class Teacher - Mr Fairclough (Thursday pm)

Teaching Support: Mrs Blowman (full time)

Long Term Plan


Summer One 

Why does Bradford look the way it does?

Curriculum Newsletter

Knowledge Organisers

 Summer 1 Art Knowledge Organiser Drawing and LS Lowry.pdfDownload
 Summer 1 Computing knowledge Organiser Coding.pdfDownload
 Summer 1 DT knowledge Organiser Mini Greenhouse.pdfDownload
 Summer 1 PE knowledge Organiser OAA.pdfDownload
 Summer 1 RE The Mission of the church.pdfDownload
 Summer 1 Science Knowledge Organiser Living things and their habitat.pdfDownload
 Summer 1 Topic Geography and History Local Study Bradford.pdfDownload
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Spring Two

Traders and Raiders - The Vikings   

Curriculum Newsletter 

Knowledge Organisers 

 Spring 2 Art Knowledge Organiser Printing and William Morris.pdfDownload
 Spring 2 Computing knowledge Organiser Coding.pdfDownload
 Spring 2 History knowledge Organiser Vikings.pdfDownload
 Spring 2 PE knowledge Organiser Athletics.pdfDownload
 Spring 2 PE knowledge Organiser Football.pdfDownload
 Spring 2 Science Knowledge Organiser SOUND.pdfDownload
 Y4 RE Knowledge Organiser Jesus the Saviour.pdfDownload
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Spring One

Britain's Settlement by the Anglo-Saxons and Scots   

Curriculum Newsletter

Knowledge Organisers 

 Spring 1 Art knowledge Organiser Textiles.pdfDownload
 Spring 1 Computing knowledge Organiser Making Games.docx.pdfDownload
 Spring 1 DT knowledge Organiser Drawstring Bag.pdfDownload
 Spring 1 History knowledge Organiser Anglo Saxons and Scots.pdfDownload
 Spring 1 PE knowledge Organiser Hockey.pdfDownload
 Spring 1 PE knowledge Organiser Volley Ball.docx.pdfDownload
 Spring 1 Science Knowledge Organiser Animals inc Humans.docx.pdfDownload
 Y4 Celebrating the Mass (1).pdfDownload
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Classroom routines and information



  • PE days are Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • On these days the children can come to school in their PE kits.
  • Red T-shirt and navy / black shorts. Plain Black /Navy Jogging bottoms and hoody in cold weather. No logos. 



  • Homework will be sent out every Friday and this should be returned on a Wednesdsay
  • There will be some spellings, timestables and readings to complete.
  • The expectation is that children will read at least four times per week at home.
  • Please sign the green reading record each time you read.
  • We will check the Green Reading record for at least four signatures every Thursday 
  • Reading books will be changed on a Thursday. 
  • Library books will be changed on a Friday. 


White Rose Maths Parent Workbooks

  • These workbooks can be used at home for extra practise to support learning in school. Please try not to use the workbook ahead of the teaching in class. Details of units taught and their order can be found on the curriculum newsletter for each half term. 
 Y4-HL-Autumn-Block-4-Multiplication-and-division-2020 (1).pdfDownload
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Times Tables

  • In June of 2022, the children in year four will be participating in a statutory multiplication check. 
  • To pass the check the children in this year group have to know their 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ,10, 11 and 12 times tables and related division facts by heart.
  • We will be doing lots of work towards this in class, however practise at home will be vital and forms weekly homework
  • Please find below some useful links.
 Self Checking 3 4 and 8 Times Table Game Instructions.pdfDownload
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