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St John the Evangelist Catholic Primary School, a Voluntary Academy



At St John’s we believe that all students deserve access to a broad and highly engaging History curriculum that engenders a love of learning of the past. We aim to deliver a curriculum that is both rich in skills and knowledge and allows our children to become independent thinkers with enquiring minds who understand the events that have gone before us which have created the world that we live in today. They will also have a secure sense of their own personal history and the ability to change the world in the future.


At St Johns, we have designed Our History curriculum with the intent that our children will:

  • Increase and develop their historical skills, concepts knowledge and attitudes
  • Become increasingly critical and analytical thinkers
  • Study issues at a local, national and international level in Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern and Modern time periods
  • Possess a secure understanding of the chronology of the British Isles and other important periods of History
  • To discover links and connections to the History that they learn and the wider locality and community
  • Learn to interpret a broad range of sources including visual sources and propaganda
  • Develop confidence in debating and orating historical issues and evaluate historical interpretations
  • Draw on similarities and differences within given time frames and across previously taught History