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Meet the Teacher 

Frozen Kingdom 

Brrr! It sure is cold in Year Six! We will be learning about the two frozen kingdoms: the Arctic and Antarctica.

We will explore the polar regions by examining climate, population, settlements, animal life, plant life and seasonal change.  We will also learn about explorers who have ventured to the polar regions!

You could find out more about the frozen kingdoms by visiting these sites:


Cool Antarctica

Arctic Facts

How has Antarctica changed since it was discovered 200 years ago?

Titanic Facts


To find out more about what we will be learning, please read the curriculum newsletter:

 Curriculum Newsletter.docDownload
 Year 6 Geography Frozen Kingdom Knowledge Organiser.docxDownload
 Year 6 History Frozen Kingdom Knowledge Organiser.docxDownload
 Year 6 Science Frozen Kingdom Knowledge Organiser.docxDownload
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Please continue to visit Bug Club, Spelling Shed and Times Tables Rockstars 


Click on this link to access the videos. The worksheets and answers were sent via Marvellous Me. 


Please watch the video clips on the following days: 


Monday ~ Numbers to 100,000

Tuesday ~ Numbers to a million

Wednesday ~ Numbers to ten million

Thursday ~ Compare and order any numbers

Friday ~ Complete the Year 6 Place Value Workbook (scroll to the bottom of the page to download)


Complete the activities on the sheet below:

 CAFOD - Home Learning.pdfDownload
 Charity research sheet.pdfDownload
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Year 6 Long Term Plans 


These plans show what will be covered in all subject areas. 

 Maths LTP 2020-21.xlsxDownload
 Year 6 LTP.docxDownload
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Please visit the Spelling Shed website where there are games to support you with your spellings or have a go at the activities below. 

 Answers Booklet.pdfDownload
 Y5 and Y6 Statuatory Spelling List Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
 Year 1, 2, 3, 4 Spelling Mat.pdfDownload
 Year 5 and 6 Correct the Spelling Mistake Answers.pdfDownload
 Year 5 and 6 Correct the Spelling Mistake Questions.pdfDownload
 Year 5 and 6 Spelling Mat.pdfDownload
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These documents outline what we will learning and aiming towards this year. 

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We are learning to read, write and represent numbers to 1,000,000.

Have a go at working through the Year 5 workbook to refresh your memory of place value before having a go at the Year 6 workbook.

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