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Aims of our school


At St John the Evangelist Catholic Primary School we aim;


  • To nurture and stimulate each child’s faith and provide opportunities for this expression through worship and prayer.   


  • To respect and treat everyone as individuals made in the image and likeness of God and lead them to value every person regardless of race, religion or background.   


  • To foster loving relationships between all members of our school community and promote and reflect the command of Jesus,”Love one another as I have loved you.”   


  • To encourage everyone to be a thoughtful, confident, well-motivated and responsible member of
    God’s family.   


  • To encourage everyone to achieve their created potential by providing a curriculum which is broad and balanced in order to interest and engage all pupils, and challenge them to do their best.   


  • To foster self-esteem by encouraging pride in their achievements.   


  • To lead children to respect and appreciate the environment in which they live.   


  • To encourage cooperation and collaboration between individuals and groups and so create a genuine sense of community.